Welcome Train Fans

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Hello! I am Shlomo.

My first post is there to introduce my part on this blog.
For over 10 years i travel around Europe to paint trains and to take pictures of the painted trains. I love painted trains. If it s a typical lettering or new styled art work. It does not matter.I love trains painted.
I love the atmosphere of stations. People running around. Going to work in the morning. People starving on the platform waiting for the next steel monster. Workers catching the last train home.

And i love the YARDS. No man’s land. Only trains and you. And SECURITY !!!!!!!!

Some pictures I like

painted feight train in czech republic

art is just a four letter word painted on milan metro

other painted a romanian trash train

ghettoblaster on train

More pictures follow soon …

PS:And check out this fresh work by h101 – I love it !

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