Tribute 2 OZ!

Since about 30 years OZ leaves his marks in Hamburg and elsewhere. It is almost inevitable to visit Hamburg without passing by his pieces and tags. He is a one of a kind concerning style, quantity and doing his thing no matter what.
Although he has been put behind bars for graff for about 8 years already he has been sentenced again in 19 cases to 14 months of prison at first instance in September 2011. His lawyers have appealed against this judgment.
It is a shame putting someone in jail for graffiti at all – but locking someone up for years just because he is painting his marks in the streets is a crime itself. FREE OZ!
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About Zonenkinder

We are an artist couple that loves to paint murals, create scupltures, paint canvases and place installations in the urban sphere. We enjoy to push boundaries via our "post-graffiti experiments" by using different techniques, special surfaces and materials. We combine our different styles and techniques into a whole thing and communicate via our creativity. Thereby the transformation and spontaneous recombination of existing elements in the situational context has a specific radiance for us — either urban scene or nature become stages of our artistic expression. For us the urban surrounding and nature is a metamorphic modeling clay which is formed every second by the people and animals who lived there and all other nature elements as well. We love to find places, whether in the city or in nature and alter them through creative interventions, to re-interpret them, thus creating a visual epic. For our artworks we use a multitude of objects and materials: discards, rejects, pick-ups, seemingly innocuous everyday objects which we integrate into our "Tree Project" installations, murals and paintings. Placed in a stage-like fashion and devoid of their original purpose these object merge into an artistic collage with a new context of meaning. - Zonenkinder Collective -; WEBSITE: ; Visit us on facebook:; CONTACT via E-Mail: hello(at)
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