9 things from 2009 by Elfo

To end 2009 and to start the new year.
I asked a few ekosystem friends and contacts 9 things about 2009.

:: ELFO ::

Elfo lives in the North of Italia.
His work is most of the time very spontaneous, humoristic, rough and site specific.



1- One photo (you took):

2- One photo you found on the web:
Charles Baudelaire

3- One Youtube video:

s.c.s. crew train bombing

4- One track :

Velvet underground – venus in furs

5- One artist:
Mimmo Rotella

6- One Book:
C. Bukowski “Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and general Tales of ordinary…..”

7- One movie:

8- One annoying thing:
“When a mosquito sit down on the book,i choose to use it to kill the mosquito.”
“quando la mosca si siede sul libro che volevo usare per ucciderla!!”

9- One last word:
Every day open!