Self-Isolation : Tips from THE WA


Many of us are now stuck at home and we have much more time than usual to read book, listen to music or watch movies.
That is why I’m starting  a new series with artists tips for spending time at home. 

1st recommendations today from the french artist based in Berlin and long time ekosystem friend: THE WA. The photos which illustrate the article are all  from The WA. if you want to know more about his work visit his Instagram page, his wabsite or his gallery on ekosystem. Thanks a lot to The Wa !


The Wa: “I’m locked at my mom’s house this is definitely not the worst place in the world to be stuck.
The good part is the “confit de canard” from the neighbor’s basement and the sunny weather.
I have been here for a week. I was in Paris to make a project I have been working on. Unfortunately, the whole lockdown came quick and did not allow me to finish the project but I had the chance to spend time with OX checking a last action with someone I really admire.
Then I catch up a last minute train as I had no place to stay anymore in Paris. The mood switched super quick up there from “ what a mess for a shitty flu to .. Don’t touch me don’t infect me ! … But I guess there was no other way to deal with it. No one would have expected such scenario except maybe: Bill Gates (video at Ted).

Checking some documentary here are an interesting series:
John Berger / Ways of Seeing. This is about how we consider image in the 70s it’s an eye opener to re-learn how to look at an image.

Just found this video : Animal Farm (film,1999) 
I read and enjoy the book very much but did not finish to watch the movie but it looks well done from here.

Also one of my fave, the  classic Mondo Cane with countless debate around it. Is it ” documentary or Mockumentary “ the fact is that I can ask a lot around me and most of those tradition existing ( couldn’t  double check from some of the tribes ) super interesting to rethink your belief in the norm and the way to see the other and how the other can perceive us.


The music mood switch between Cabaret nocturne ( pretty hooked on it for a while ) and when mom is fed up and want to make us both happy.  And I would like to ask Thom Yorke how does it feel to be right ?

But not being too much the wise voice and keep if funny and entertaining we’ve made a small platform on insta with Cynthia Montier  It’s called Confinementart.
Each week a new theme and we publish each contribution in the story part and make post based on it. A way to stay active and connected with virtual homies ;)


I think i spend too much time online. I feel very sorry about what is happening. I admire all the world savers…doctors…nurses… I stay at home as much as possible. I’m a bit annoyed to ear so many cars from my windows "jumping the fence is fun when it only exposed yourself”. And to be really honest it feels ok that everything slows down, actually more than “ok”. Just really sad that we need a major health crises to do it

But the confinement is fine for me. Feel like time had stopped I’m drawing trying things with watercolor and many other tools that  normally I wouldn’t  consider to be able to start ( even if I always wanted to) as I was always felt on the run in this rat race and I felt trapped in it in some ways. Time seems to have stopped and it rests.

I don’t know how it’s gonna end and I avoid listening those who claimed have answer to it.Respect those you search for it  

It feels that Mother Nature doesn’t dislike it and that feels good in some way.

Maybe as soon as things get better we will come back to the old routine. I wish I’ll learn something about life priorities and keep that lesson in mind.


Talking about Mother Nature I can’t not mention Andy Goldsworthy (part 2). He can work with no tools, the season are the most precious supply for him. It’s extremely poetic and very political in his way of art making and his aim of doing it.

And to conclude a book “Tristes Tropiques” by Claude Levy-Strauss and an Instagram page.

That’s it !”

The WA