9 things from 2009 by CT

To end 2009 and to start the new year.
I asked a few ekosystem friends and contacts 9 things about 2009.

CT lives in Torino. He paints minimal and geometric letters which often look like abstract shapes.


1- One of your photo :

2- One photo you found on the web:

a church painted by David-Tremlett & Sol-LeWittA chapel painted by David Tremlett and Sol LeWitt.
(Tremlett decorating the interior, and LeWitt the outside of the chapel.)

3- One video you found on the web:

A Porsche commercial

4- One track (music):

TIME -Pink Floyd

5- One artist:

6- One color: White
7- One place: Here
8- One annoying thing: Rain
9- One last word: ReStart