Black Circle Festival 6 (2015) * Part 1/6:Life


Black Сircle VI this year took place in a small village in western Ukraine – Bushtyno in the first half of August.
The camp was held in the usual format – a new location and no sponsors.
As always, the location wasn’t announced till the last. When choosing a place for BC, we tried to find abandoned space which is dissolved in the natural environment. That is why this year’s event was held on the territory of abandoned pioneers camp, which was perfect for our camp. The  pioneers camp “Tisa” is located in a park near the river Tisa. Once it was one of the largest health centers in the region.
However, after the collapse of the Soviet Union it has declined. Today
the buildings are gradually dismantled on the bricks from which the poor
build their houses.
This year’s event turned out to be the greatest of all the years. The number of participants has increased. Artists from New Zealand, Argentina, Italy, Germany, Poland and of course from Ukraine came to BC.
Amazing when people whose work you admire are sitting by the fire with
you and are the part of the Black Circle family. At the same time you
understand that these people are not those who they are at home, and  
have become part of a big family that affects them, and they in turn
affect it. Despite the language barrier, all participants quickly find a
common language, the distance between young and experienced , between
Ukrainian and foreigners becomes shorter and everyone begin to live with
Black Circle ideas – gather firewood, carry water, keep the fire, share
paint, etc.  All are becoming friends
So we want to thank all participants who have become our close friends,
and certainly part of Black Circle family.


ABCDEF (Germany), John Drypnz (New Zealand), Jorge Pomar (Argentina),
Alberonero (Italy), Davide Dicorato (Italy), Blazej Rusin (Poland), Lump
(Poland), Seikon (Poland), Szyman (Poland), DRMR & Biel (Poland),
Bubel (Poland).
Ukraine: Hir, Grob 7906, DIMA, MH, 3M, Stas Turina, Viska, Olexa Mann,
Mok, EAS, CXCVIII. O.K., Kalkov, Horbal, Orma, Sewer, Talib,  Tabu, and

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