25 record covers



DELTA – http://www.deltainc.nl/

FLYING FORTRESS – http://www.flying-fortress.de/

GOMES – http://www.weareshit.com/

GREMS – http://www.grems.eu/

Sheppard FAIREY – http://obeygiant.com/

POPAY – http://popay.free.fr/

SUPAKITCH – http://www.myspace.com/supakitch

UPWEHR – http://upwehr.net/

Any suggestion of other albums designed by street & graffiti artists for a second selection ?

edit: January the 3rd : 45 more record covers

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9 Responses to 25 record covers

  1. v3ga says:

    gomez’s one for Isolée is just perfect.

  2. lints says:

    Here’s a few more…:

    Futura 2000: Unkle / Psyence Fiction

    Espo: Tommy Guerrero / Soul Food Taqueria

    Barry Mcgee/Twist: Tommy Guerrero / From The Soil To The Soul

    Delta: Rima / This World

    Kid Acne: Kid Acne / Romance Ain’t Dead

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Lints 🙂
    Kid Acne also made some artwork for early eps from TTC.

  4. 45rpm says:


    art work for danger doom etc all there covers are the best you will find, the level of detail is amazing, embossed covers, hidden art work etc etc. Eko from wetshame who lives in bristol has created some beauts. It dosnt get much better 45

  5. rimrimrim says:

    – Never saw Popay covers before !
    – Agree with 45rpm for eh?
    excellent post !

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  7. By KEO TOP a.k.a. SCOTCH79:
    MF DOOM; “Operation DOOMSDAY”, “Special Herbs” pts 1-4
    M.I.C.; “Escape from Monsta Island”
    The Cenobytes
    MF GRIMM; “The Downfall of Iblys”
    Dub-L; “Day of the MegaBeast”
    C-Rayz Walz
    Inspectah Deck
    EPMD 12″ on Nervous

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