Chor Boogie in Brazil

Chor Boogie recently went to brazil painting some commissions as well as collaborate with photographer Jihan Abdalla on her documentation of prostitutes in Brazil …


Chor boogies involvement was to scout out the right prostitutes for a series he is painting that will be featured in the book as well…along with meeting new artists…. He also collaborated with the Fleshbeck crew painting walls in the dangerous favellas of Rio di Janero . In this case was wild… Simply because they are owned and operated by the drug zars and when we approach the walls we painted we get greeted by a 15 year old with 29 millimeters in his waist saying everything is cool. Hows that to make you feel safe…the people may not have much money  but they have the best view of the city… Also as well .. Painting walls in villa  Mimosa  a red light district of Rio,collaborating with an artist named Bragga and Vagner.. Who where pretty fresh hosts by the way..


Then comes Sao Paulo connecting with Os Gemeos and Nunca to paint but unfortunately timing was off and people where busy but where pretty fresh guys over the phone  and plan to hook up with them next time….being put up in ritzy hotel in Sao Paulo paid for by Leo Burnett agency one of the top 5 ad agencies in the world ..simply gave a lecture and painted live…collaborating with  Gaz urban art and artists such as Cena7, Emol,and Obranco…then this leaves us to the last part of the trip painting in the 2nd largest prostitute district in the world in campinas …imagine  thousands of prostitutes organized in a 10 mile radius supporting a city of refuge and i mean putting clothes on each others back making sure children get education running water the works … No matter what its still third world and its no joke as i was leaving a transvestite was found bent over naked with there clothes next to him murdered as people from the area scamper to go take a peek, along with a wild police chase because somebody thought it was that time to rob a store…good times …. Could happen any where ..but over all it was an amazing learning trip of my life…

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