Skate boards (part I)

A selection of skateboards designed by active & retired graffiti artists.

123 Klan for Mousse skateboards

Andre for STM

Dave the Chimp for Mob


dave the chimp

Chor Boogie for Zazzle

Delta Inc for Mekanism


Flying Fortress for Mob



Gomes aka Hornchen aka Stefan Marx for Mob & Burton

Kev Grey for Spacejunk & Logo

Special thanks to Rastapopulos

Part II will be posted tomorrow,
feel free to suggest some boards in the comments.

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7 Responses to Skate boards (part I)

  1. Chkn says:

    One of the coolest stuff on ekosystem.

  2. marah says:

    thats a great collection!
    there should also be some Natural Koncept decks- Katch One’s work!
    also Andy Howell-skateboarder and artist coming from similar background as Sheppard,longtime designing – cool graphics for different companies
    Todd Francis for Antihero!
    there are too many,cant tell the criteria for what could be put here. so far there were a lot of amazing graphics up there!

  3. mabrak InI says:

    nice stuff!!
    gots to suggest Andrew Pommier when it comes to skateboard graphics

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  5. Failed says:

    They were okay, some were pretty dumb…

  6. Cypa says:

    thats heavy, i wouldn’t want to skate a deck that looked as good as some of them, Neckface Baker decks were fresh!

  7. kaluel14 says:

    stan buenisimos esos dibujos para el skate!!bueno soy de argentina y me gusta !!lops deporteas!!

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