Batis Truck (step by step) + a few links

Batis truck (step by step)
– The 10 most liked posts in 2013 on tumblr.
Mark Jenkins’ Art Pushes Women Off Of Buildings. [beautiful decay]
– The Vilification of Banksy’s Success. [hyperallergic]
3ttman painting in Atlanta. Photos by Jason Travis.
– Not new but I discovered it lately. The Man x INSA – Making of ‘Evil Friends’ GIF-ITI
– and a last one a bit off topic. The Wa, his cat and Brad Downey did this video, and now it’s used in a Coca Cola Commercial !

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Erosie zine + links


– New Stickit zine: Jeroen Erosie: Ad Infinitum ( 28 pages, Edition of 200, First 50 signed by Jeroen Erosie, 8€)
BCN-ZNIART a book about graffiti on Barcelona’s cercanias trains.
– Long article about Graffiti Hunters (Instagram graffiti photographers). “Graffiti photography, it’s kind of like the new taking pictures of your feet.
– Fresh pieces from Квадрат (+ interview in Russia)

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