How to send me photos:
Mail me pictures at eko at or post them on flickr ekosystem group.
If I like them or find them interesting, they might join the database.
You can also submit news, video & photos here.

Here are a few advices:
– The website is mainly about street work (not about canvases, commissioned murals or bedroom productions).
– Please don’t send several time the same sticker or stencil on many photos. One is enough, choose the best.
– Please rename your photo-files with artist name and location (very important)
– Size of the photos doesn’t really matter, but a width larger than 800 pixels seems good for most photos. I very rarely post tiny photos (<500 pixels), watermarked photos, over-processed photos, black & white photos.
– I don’t post exhibition dates or festival flyers.
– I read all the e-mails, I try to answer to everyone but I can’t. Sometimes I need several weeks to answer…

These advices may sound a bit harsh but I can’t spend 10 hours everyday on ekosystem (the site is a passion and not a job).
Please do not take a delayed response personally.
Thanks for your help.