Corazón Sangrante by Saner.

Last week Mexico City-based artist, Saner presented Corazón Sangrante (Bleeding Heart) at Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco, a new series of works with his first solo exhibition ever in San Francisco, after making a great exhibition at FIFTY24MX Gallery in Mexico City. Mexican folklore, masks, customs, skulls and mysticism fill the gallery with new paintings and drawings on paper.

As written by FIFTY24MX, Saner’s “free and unpretentious spirit allows him to express a new Mexican vision.” Saner titled this exhibition “Corazón Sangrante” (Bleeding Heart), while reflecting on the things he saw around him: violence, anger, happiness, anxiety, and fear. Saner says these are the issues that most Mexicans deal with.

“El corazón debe dejar de sangrar lagrimas rojas”