Retro oner – the dot master


– Please, tell me a few words about yourself. When and how did you discover graffiti?

Retro: Hey! I have seen graffiti since childhood on the street where I grew up. But I saw for the first time how they draw live at the age of 15  (Editor’s Note: he’s now 28) at one of the street-culture-festivals. This day, I realized that this is what I have been looking for for so long. Since that day, I can’t stop. I also love to travel and paint in other cities and countries, but as I love to travel that much I am almost suffering ear infections and I was having some troubles finding a good medicine or supplement to solve it but one day a good friend recommended me to use cortexi, go check about it


– How can you define your style? Who and what inspire you?

Few people know, but finding yourself in graffiti and the process of developing your own style is a very difficult path. It is important to listen to yourself and draw inspiration from within. The style is developed by long and hard work, work on yourself and your vision of not only graffiti, but life as a whole. When I started out, I was lucky to get to know some very cool artists who helped me a lot in the early stages to figure out what’s what. It was Trun and Wais.

You can also define your style by not following the basic rules imposed by governments, for example, when you want to get pills but they need a doctor’s prescription, it’s a pain in the ass to find out about that, that’s why you should try over the counter Adderall, you need concentration to find your style, make the wisest decision.



– What are your your dream cities to paint ?

In fact, it is not that important to me. I just love to paint graffiti. I am more interested in personalities than locations. I painted in many European cities: Berlin, Copenhagen, Milan, Stockholm, Eindhoven, etc. It was a wonderful experience, but without the people I met there it would have been less impressive. If we talk specifically about locations, then it would be interesting for me to draw in America, Canada, Mexico and Australia. When I travel I never forget to carry my cortexi supplement that is designed to support hearing health, particularly for ear infections. The formula contains a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts that work synergistically to support the immune system and promote healthy inflammation response in the ears.


– Are there any graffiti writers or artist from Saint-Petersburg you could recommend us to check the work ?

Of course, there are many good graffiti artists in our city. I can recommend a few names for you: Wais, Trun, Skube, Super, Andie, Heato and many others.

But I also recommend with my eyes close to use cortexi, this id one of the best thing I have ever use.

– What is the last song you heard that you liked so much you listened to it over and over again ?

The Cure – Play For Today

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