9 things from 2009 by El Euro

El Euro

For more than 8 years now, El Euro from Italy paints  characters.

1- One photo (you took):

This year I have not done a lot of photos.
Birds-o-matic is my favorite piece this year .

2- One photo you found on the web:
I love photography when it gives to me silence and serinity.

3- One video you found on the web:


The astronomer dream. I like this the graphic of the Maya technology.

4- One track :

LMFAO I’m in Miami bitch (lucky date remix).

5- One artist:
drypnz http://www.drypnz.com/live/.

6- One color:

7- One food:
Polenta, sausage and leek.

8- One annoying thing:
The Police took my driver license because I have drunk a little bit,
so I have not driven my car for 5 months,
and I live in a small city so that was a really annoying thing.

9- One last word:
If graffiti is dead we are zombies…


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