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– Lo Milo, when, and what, was your first introduction to graffiti?
Lo Milo
: It started in Bosnia more than ten years ago when I painted my first graffiti in my fathers’ garage. A low skilled piece ‘BOMB’ happened on the side wall. The front one was reserved for the letters ‘QUIT’. Soon I had a classic graffiti ‘crew’, which included just two of us and we filled our town with RFA (ready for action) bombs and tags, he he.

– How can you define your style? What does inspire you?
Lo Milo
: I am inspired by minimalism, researching the quality of medium itself, digital invasion and decomposition. My works are usually site specific, defined by materials and colors I have (mostly recycling) as well as by the surroundings with which I try to establish an optical relation. I like the communication between architecture and my additions into it, through optically changing 3D space to 2D.

– If you could explore and paint anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
Lo Milo
: Probably somewhere to South America. I can imagine my pieces influenced by Latino cultures and their specific environment.

– You live in Slovenia. Which artists from Slovenia you like or could point out?
Lo Milo
: Regarding the topic, I would mention street artists Amor and Whem from Ljubljana as ones with the freshest approach and dedication to free hand drawing and writing.


– What do you do when you’re not painting outside?
Lo Milo
: I am interested in fine arts and activism as well. If it is not chasing money, I am completely in this ‘artivistic’ balloon.

More photos on ekosystem.org and Instagram.

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