Rowdy – Visual interview

01aero-brushSpraycans please, preferably ones with Nozzles on

02colorsI would like some Colour!!
though if it’s a case of Ska V Airbrushing? Then I’ll go Ska.

03drips_or_notThe way I learned to paint was no Drips…So no I don’t want to be a drip.

04-website-paper1Think I’ll have to go tangible old Skool…and opt for the paper.


Did the no gloves thing for many years,  but what’s the point in getting caught red handed. Gloves it is.

Like the international vibe of London,it pushes me, much better Galleries. however there is too much hating going on graff wise, it’s unnecessary when Police and Government are the real enemy…Bristol’s attitude much better, down to earth, we are all a bunch of Hobbits here really.

07crocodiledundee_lacosteCrocks on Material nah….Dundee rocks it! he pulls good moves in New York City also.

Weed V Beer that’s a tough call…give the lungs a break to much paint anyways ( wear a Mask! ) I’ll go beer it’s helped me with some reaches,plus a couple of hairy ones ! slightly more social I think. damm we can certainly put it away in da UK.

09bookswell I don’t have a copy of either at the moment ( come on Felix! ) . and some pesky kid borrowed mine forever, at a workshop, and I knew his Mum, I ask you. So I’ll go for SUBWAY ART!!!!

10legoplaymobil i’m not a kid or a Dad, are they having fun ? Not Lego the other one please, it seems to be on a par with Anthony Gormley.


Rowdy on ekosystem

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