9 things from 2009 by CES53

To end 2009 and to start the new year.
I asked a few ekosystem friends and contacts 9 things about 2009.

Ces53 from Holland started doing graffiti in 1985
becoming in the early 90s  one of the biggest European trainbomber.
Ces53 on flickrCes53 on ekosystemces53.com

1- One photo (you took):
Milano 2009

2- One photo you found on the web:

3- One web-video:

4- One track (music):

Funkadelic – Maggot Brain

5- One artist:
Herschel Schmeikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski aka Krusty the clown

6- One color: Black
7- One place: Italia

8- One annoying thing: New Marabu spray cans (changed formula from super to dupli sloppy)
9- One last word:
Mother funk you.


"JACK" by CES53 - 1991

"JACK" by CES53 - 1991

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6 Responses to 9 things from 2009 by CES53

  1. Just says:

    Was the Jack-Wholecar in Berlin??

  2. Joanna says:

    Really dope stuff,Ces one of my fav street artists

  3. eko says:

    i don’t know. The photo comes from here:
    but it doesn’t say where it is.

    I know i have this photo in an old magazine, but i can’t find it…

  4. Just says:

    There´s just a good Story from local Bombers about that Wholecar written in a Book “Odem – On the Run”. 🙂

  5. Just says:

    This was the Answer: “Jack! You better stay better in your Box” 🙂
    (because CES rocked their Yard pretty hard)


  6. dug_da_bug says:

    great choice of music track….live it is killer

    ……if you got funk you got style………

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