“sticks & stones” mural from Adelaide Australia

1 American artist, 3 Australian artists, 200 foot long mural, 2 fractured bones, 1 concussion and a lot of color.



Above:” I was flown to Adelaide, Australia to paint a mural on a 63 metre (200 foot) long wall. Within just 3 days of my arrival I fell and broke my scapula in 2 parts as well as suffering from a head concussion ending up in the hospital twice. Part of my responsibilities for this mural project was to be a mentor to 3 already extremely talented local Australian artists making this project a collaborative effort and highly entertaining. As a collective we decided to comment and paint a word play to relate the adversities of this wall’s rocky surface, and fact that I literally fell broke my bones during this project. In the end it was the words that were always there to save us!”



“Please familiarize yourself with the amazingly talented crew of artists who made this project come to life.

CHRIS EDSER is an illustrator and wood-carving artist from Adelaide, Australia. Recently he has been experimenting with installing carved wooden sculpture in street-settings and has an interest in hand-illustrated typography.

TRISTAN KERR is a highly accomplished screen printer, painter, and graphic designer who lives and works in Adelaide, Australia.

Graphic designer, and public artist ANKLES currently lives in Adelaide, Australia. ANKLES has participated in many creative projects around Australia.

JOSHUA FANNING is the director of a small, low-brow art gallery in Adelaide’s seedy end of town called MAGAZINE GALLERY. Josh’s Gallery exists to keep artists from exhibiting in restaurants and he thought that bringing ABOVE to Adelaide, Australia would be a progressing move for his city of Adelaide and the residents that live there. He’s glad to have been proven correct and looks forward to future projects like this in Adelaide and international artists.

All photos by : JONATHAN VDK

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  1. eziii says:

    Nice, but really reminds me of espo’s work..

  2. Zeroner says:

    Cool typography…

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