Berlin Rail Days

Berlins typical SPÄTIs all over. This Night i did not drink a BEER or two.

Some Spots look nice. But checkers cross your Plan.

Luckily in FOGGY nights you do not need bushes full of leafes.

A local hero in his favorite area … the straight EAST of Berlin.

and a finished work. COMPOSITION ” Auferstanden aus Ruinen” by Hanns Eisler – The east german hymn composed by an freaky austrian.

In the sunshine e-to-e s look always nice.

panels even open

or closed.

BIG props to my man IINNNTTOOO …. another panel of into – click here

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children’ s game

“Painting Trains is a Children’s Game. Chalk and Spraypaint on German Regional Train. And a Relaxed Impression from the Playground.” Thanks to Bravent/CICrew.

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After the Laughter – Herakut

Here is a preview of “AFTER THE LAUGHTER –This  is the 2nd book of Herakut. The 1st one was focused on their work from 2004 to 2008. The new one is about Hera & Akut collaborations from 2009 to 2011.

The book looks like a hand-made scrapbook with sketches & photos. It is a must have for their hardcore fans.

After the Laughter
The 2nd book of Herakut
Jasmin Siddiqui, Falk Lehmann
Hardcover, 21 cm x 26 cm, 240 Pages, 29,90 €
ISBN: 978-3-939566-36-6
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Ellos vendrán esta noche, Neuzz.

Neuzz. Mexico City, 1980.

A couple of weeks ago, Neuzz presented his first solo show at Border, in Mexico City. The opening occurs during the celebration of Día de Muertos, a very special date for him.

The exhibition is his personal way to thank to every important people a long his life, offering to all his memories and tales of childhood.

“Personalmente, creo que no existe una formula estricta sobre como presentar una ofrenda para nuestros muertos, creo que una ofrenda debe de ser algo tan personal que cada quien habrá de tener la libertad de plantear mediante su imaginación su propia forma de estructurarla.”



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Photos from Denmark…

A few pictures from Denmark. Mainly Copenhagen, with one exception…

Traditional Graffiti is the dominant style here in DK, but the pictures below features works that are a bit different…both from foreign and local artists.

In the future my posts will be more of a mixed bag.

Gris & Bom.K

Husk Mit Navn

Husk Mit Navn



Lead The Fools

Lead The Fools (more…)

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Bike art – Bicycles in art around the world

Your parents and grand-parents certainly dreamt about sport-cars, your old brother or your uncle probably dreamt about sneakers & skateboards. Today’s young generations are more likely to dream about bike (& smart phones) especially if they live in San Francisco or Berlin.

The evolution of bicycle is one that is not well known, but the results are apparent throughout the world. There have been many improvements on it and technology has helped a lot. Websites like ScooterAdviser have reviewed the best bikes made by many manufacturers. There is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing one and kids have loved it since.

Publikat & Kiriakos Losifidis from Carpe Diem who published previously the Mural Art series (vol 1vol 2vol 3) probably think the same way, and they made that big book about bicycles in art. I just hope they don’t plan to make a book about smart phones :-)
I may sound a bit sarcastic but the book is -much to my surprise- extremely good.

There are several chapters in that book to celebrate bicycle: Urban Art (aka street/graffiti-art), Paintings, Illustrations, sculptures…
The 1st one about Urban art is not the most interesting, it looks a bit artificial to me, like a random selection of photos of graffiti where a bike has been painted, nothing more. I’m also a bit disappointed that Erosie work about bikes is not even mentioned.

Mr Kern

The main part of the book consists of an amazing selection of paintings & illustrations of bike in very different styles. Honestly I’m often tired of watching illustrations books & Tumblr, but I must confess I really enjoyed this book, and last days I regularly took a moment to enjoy a few more pages.

Aryz Alain Delorme mike giant olek
The last pages of the book are devoted to sculptors and bicycle designers who present their original creations.

Scraper bikes I do ride sometimes, but I rarely watch ‘Le tour de France’, I’ve never thought about ordering a fixie or even replacing my mtb pedals with a new one, nevertheless I would definitely recommend this book for anyone loving good illustrations.

Bike Art
Hardcover, 256 pages
Format: 21cm x 29cm
Text: english/Greek
ISBN: 978-3-939566-37-3
29.90€ (Release 11/2011)
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Suso33 video for Nach/Akhenaton/Talib Kweli

SUSO33 done the art direction and realization of the video “Los Elegidos“, taken from the last album “Mejor que el Silencio” by Nach.

Suso33: “They offered me the possibility to produce a simple video for Nach´s latest record, a band I admire and who makes my emotions arise. The song was “Los Elegidos” (The Chosen ones) featuring Talib Kweli and Akhenaton. When offering total freedom of creation I assumed it as an entirely personal project to get totally involved in and I started working on it, experimenting and researching, not to solve issues but to suggest different possibilities.

Instead of one hand I used both of them, and instead of drawing I did… I don´t know, I can´t tell you as it still is a “painting in progress” and when you rub it off, you are creating part of the next painting, so you can´t not tell by just the drawings as it is a piece of art created to be seen entirely, only in movement and this is what provides its own identity.

In this audiovisual creation the hands are a plastic element that appears in a choreographic manner, as if they were a dance or paint themselves in that sort of sequence shot that does not leave space for regrets. It had to be done basically in just one shot, therefore it increased the difficulty of creation, however the edition ended up more developed. Finally we included sound effects to create a dialogue between the image and the sound towards the image, in a way that it wasn´t just the image illustrating the sound, that is, it was the creation of a piece and not simply a musical video clip.

In general, in my work, process and actions are much more important than the resulting object; it is something that I have been developing for a long time, as in the “PinturaEscénicaenAcción” (ScenicfPaintinginAction) or the different videos that I have produced in the past years. Therefore I have felt very comfortable carrying out this work with the possibilities offered by this type of equipment; also I have been lucky to work and create things with SaotST and Nach, to whom I thank for the trust they put in me regarding this risky proposition.”

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