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vandalzVandals is Nils Müller’s new book. Instead of simply photographing the finished works, Müller documents the process behind it.

Here are a few words from him.

> When did you start getting actively involved in photography ?
At the age of 16 when I began doing graffiti.

> Was it difficult to select the photos for Vandals. Or is a good photo instantly identifiable ?
It was indeed difficult. I could have made 4 books.

> Graffiti on trains is often done at night or in dark places. Do you like taking photos without much light ?
Well, it depends on the action. Most of the time, you can’t use flash light while they’re painting…

> Do you post-process a lot your photos ?

> We all have understood you are interested in atmospheric pictures (the places, the trains, the yards…) and “action” photos ( before, during and after the painting). You don’t publish them, but do you also take photos of the finished pieces ?
Of course, I do as it is a part of it, too. But these images aren’t interesting for my work as a photographer. I’m focussing on humanity and emotions instead.

> As a former graffiti writer, is it frustrating sometimes to take some risks with people in front of a train and not painting on it?
I found a special technique to get along. It always feels like painting as well. It’s all about the action…

> Which photographers do you admire most?
> Do you know & enjoy other photographers who focused on graffiti on trains like Alex Fakso or Ruedione ?
I respect those artists and of course, I know them. Fakso was one of the first graffiti photographers, I’ve seen so far. As such, he influenced me. I like some works of will Robson scott, too. Further, I like the epic photographs of Henry Cartier Bresson or Richard Avedon and of course, there were even more photographers count.
> You are right now in L.A. Can you share with us what you are doing in California ?
I was busy with another project called We meet some artists such as Mr Cartoon and Marc Ryden to interview them.

Vandals –  192 Pages – Format: 30 x 24 cm
ISBN: 978-3-939566-38-0 – 30€

Vandalz Vandalz Vandalz Vandalz Vandalz Vandalz Vandalz Vandalz book

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