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Nyan Cat vs Banksy

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Upward #2

  The second issue of the PDF-zine Upward. 136 pages. ft: Peru 143 from Montreal, 0331c from Moscow, Lovis, Xpome, Omer… Texts are in Russian and English

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Brad Downey – grafitti restoration

Brad downey Continue reading

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Banksy vs the Simpsons by Jboy

Banksy is ubiquitous. This week-end he was in Madrid,  London & on the Simpsons. It Inspired Jboy (see image above).

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10 years of (part 1/3)

Je ne me souviens plus exactement de quand date la première mise en ligne du site. C’était vers la fin de l’année 1999, je venais d’arrêter le graffiti après 10 années de pratique. Le site était pour moi un moyen … Continue reading

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Ana Botella crew

Ana Botella is the wife of the former Spanish President José María Aznar, the one who started the Iraq War alongside Bush and Blair. Currently she is also in charge of the department of the Environment in the City of … Continue reading

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