Chase – Visual interview

Visual interview with CHASE.


I only use spray paint,
don’t really know how to use a brush,
I don’t even own one!

Antwerp_LAProud to be from Belgium, happy to live in LA!


But mostly colors because they contain so much energy when used together.
I’m looking for color combos that you can almost taste when you see them…


I’m influenced by both! Pop + surreal and conceptual.
Good combo if you can wangle it.


Find art in everyday people and things and experience the truth with them.

sendak_bodeBoth super-dope!

07piracyMusic is the message and the message is in the music.


I used to love the ganja but stopped smoking it 12 years ago, after I had
smoked pretty much everyday for 4-5 years.
I used to smoke a half a joint
before bed and then the other half right when I woke up…
It started to slow me down too much so I quit!
Now I’ll have a drink every once in a
while even though that’s starting to slow my energy down the next day…
it’s all about energy!


Jaws was the man!
My pops had a friend when I was growing up who was a bouncer.
People nick-named him “Jaws” because he still had all his
baby-teeth! Here’s this big tough guy with the smallest little teeth, it
looked real funny!


Loved ’em both! I think I started off with Lego, but then got into Playmobil.

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