Gualicho from Buenos Aires

I took the opportunity of Gualicho book release to ask him a few questions.
All the illustrations come from the Gualicho book printed by Belio for their Die Young collection.

> Who is Gualicho ?
Is a character

> How did you came to graffiti ?
By ’98 I started painting some bombings and types.. I left it for a couple of years ’till 04 when I made the first paint with brushes on an abandoned square near my apartment on Villa Urquiza neighbourhood.

> According to Wikipedia a Gualicho seems to be a kind of devil. Most of the animals and creatures you paint look quite peaceful and friendly. Is your work a vision of hell, of paradise, a kind of distorted vision of our world, our future or something else ?
I paint what I see. My work is a description of our world, everything you see on my drawings is a reference, a symbol of something happening on the world. And you know our world is almost hell, we don’t live in light, we live in darkness. Each person plays its own character, no one is real.

> It seems that you paint alone most of the time. Do you enjoy the process of collaboration ?
Yes I like to paint alone. I enjoy that process with people close to me.

> Are you close to other street-artists in Buenos Aires ?
I know some of them, but I’m close to one or two. I’m quite hermit.

> Is Argentina a easy place to paint in the streets ?
Yes it is. That’s why a lot of artists come here to paint.

> What are your main influences ?
El Bosco, Brueguel, Bacon, bernie wrightson, Robert Crumb, Carlos Nine, Chichoni, etc

> Could you tell us which were the last records you played at home?
La Magia de Atahualpa Yupanqui and La voz de la Zafra from Mercedes Sosa, two folk musicians from Argentina.

> If I visited Buenos Aires, which are the places I shouldn’t miss ?
The first day you should take a walk from Plaza de Mayo to el Congreso by Av de Mayo. The second day take a walk on Sant Telmo, the third Palermo, and then you are free to take a bus to nowhere and walk with no direction..


Die Young Collection from Belio
Size 145 x 150 mm. – 192 pages printed in full colour.
English and Spanish texts.
ISBN: 978-84-613-4363-8
You can order the book on Belio online shop.


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