Lints Solo Exhibition ~ “33 Short Stories & A Few Tall Tales” Pictures

Here’s a look at my recent exhibition.
~ 33 Short Stories & A Few Tall Tales ~
It was on at Lunchmoney Gallery in Århus, Denmark
A big thank you to all who came by and gave their support!
Special thank you to Jacob and everybody else at Lunchmoney!
The Opening:
The Work:
33 Stories:
12″ Work:
“Up In Smoke”
“Putting On The Face”
“No More Lies”
“Into Oblivion”
“Another Rainy Day”
“Always Searching”
“2 Sides”
A3 Work:
“Fix It”
“King Of Slumber”
70 x 100cm work:
“Together Forever And A Day”
“Mysteries Of The Mask”
“Ego Enormous”
“Nature’s Wrath”
“The Buff”
The Walls:
T H A N K  Y O U !