9 things about 2009 by Samantha Longhi

To end 2009 and to start the new year.
I asked a few ekosystem friends and contacts 9 things about 2009.

Samantha Longhi

Samantha is the author of Stencil History X (a book about stencil History).
She’s also the Art Director of Galerie Itinerrance in Paris.


1- One of your photo:

Btoy – Andrea Michaelsson, rue Clavel, Paris 20e, décembre 2009

2- A photo found on the web:
Devant le mur du Point Ephémère, Paris, Stencil wallpaint by Evol, octobre 2009

3- A Youtube video:

Scratching the Surface by Vhils

4- One track:

W.A.R.R.I.O.R. by Ebony Bones,

5- One artist:
Christian Guémy aka C215 for sure

6- A book:

Street Artists, The complete guide, Graffoto Books

7-  A show:
Jana & Js @ Galerie Itinerrance, Paris 13e, septembre 2009

8- One annoying thing:
qu’il y ait seulement 24 heures dans une journée / that there are only 24 hours in one day

9- One last word:
Stencil rules !

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