Una Vita Violenta, Erica il Cane.

Just a few week ago Erica Il Cane presented his first solo show at FIFTY24MX Gallery in Mexico City. “Una Vita Violenta” is the name of the exhibition, wich is composed with over 50 drawings and paints. But this wasn’t the only show of the night, Hitnes also presented his first solo show in the city, “Salidas”. This is the second time Erica il Cane and Hitnes share a gallery to present their shows. 

After been in Mexico for two months preparing most of his solo show, Erica Il Cane also got time to paint at least 5 walls out and inside the city. This is the second time “il Cane” visit Mexico.

Una Vita Violenta es su primer exposición en México, en la galería FIFTY24MX: dibujos, pinturas, esculturas y gráfica e instalación. Inspirado por la novela de Pier Paolo Pasolini, “il Cane”, explora la condición humana en su parte más bestial en escena que nos remiten a las ilustraciones de un libro de fábulas Victorianas.


Erica il Cane

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Corazón Sangrante by Saner.

Last week Mexico City-based artist, Saner presented Corazón Sangrante (Bleeding Heart) at Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco, a new series of works with his first solo exhibition ever in San Francisco, after making a great exhibition at FIFTY24MX Gallery in Mexico City. Mexican folklore, masks, customs, skulls and mysticism fill the gallery with new paintings and drawings on paper.

As written by FIFTY24MX, Saner’s “free and unpretentious spirit allows him to express a new Mexican vision.” Saner titled this exhibition “Corazón Sangrante” (Bleeding Heart), while reflecting on the things he saw around him: violence, anger, happiness, anxiety, and fear. Saner says these are the issues that most Mexicans deal with.

“El corazón debe dejar de sangrar lagrimas rojas”



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Armsrock “Stedfortrædere” Exhibition.

Armsrock’s latest exhibition opened this weekend at Mohs Exhibit in Copenhagen.

He is exhibiting alongside Sif Itona Westerberg and together they’re showing a series of sculptures, installations, drawings and photographies…

The show is entitled:


I swung by the opening and took a few photos:

The Exhibition runs from 16.03.2012 – 21.04.2012

More info:

Mohs Exhibit




Sif Itona Westerberg

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Serhiy Radkevych aka TECK

Graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Lviv, Departament of Paintings. He has been engaged in Street Art for more then 7 years. In 2010 Teck was one of the organiser and participant of the Black Circle Festival in the town of Poninka. He lives in the city of Lviv.

Last year you started some religious series: “Holy faces” and “Holy Sepulcher”. Are you a religious person ?
Yes, I am religious person. Greek Catholic (Orthodox).
My urban interventions hold the balance between contemporary murals and graffiti. They shift the meaning of the space they occupy. My subjects originate from religious iconography, I combine simplified religious symbols with geometrical forms to arrive at contemporary spiritual abstract form. I seek out public and private spaces which have lost their function or have an undefined meaning, then transform them into spiritual signal spaces.

I can imagine you experience very different reactions from the public when you a paint a Jesus portrait than when you write letters.
When I paint a Jesus portrait I can hear more expressive reaction from the public than when I write letters. Paintings with some social, religious or historical aspects of life is more interesting for the public than abstract art & letter writing.

We know Ukraine is extremely cold on winter. Do you only paint on spring & summer
time ?

When I have nice idea I can paint in summer or winter times also in the mountains, tunnels, abandoned factories. Last project I have made was located in the big market hall in Kiev. (more…)

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