Betriebsausflug Hamburg -> Leipzig: IBUg Betriebssystem LE-HH

This weekend the awesome project „Betriebsausflug“ 2012 will come to an end – but fortunatelay only in Leipzig! The tour will continue in Hamburg at the end of May.The „Betriebsausflug“ is an exchange project between several artist networks and creative spaces in Hamburg and Leipzig. More than 250 artists from Hamburg migrate for some weeks to Leipzig and participate in great exhibitions at several interesting off-spaces all over the city.
The city of Leipzig is full of free and cheap spaces for artists – still – in the opposite to Hamburg, where the well-known Gentrification-processes has nearly eliminated such spaces. Therefore the exchange will carve out the differences of the citiy spaces, the different atmosphere of the two cities, the different living and working conditions, the effort of the artists in both cities to survive and to co-create the cities. The project is an experiment and a platform for discussions, reflexion and research.

One of the creative locations and participating projects is the IBUg Betriebssystem LE-HH feat. Stuka, Verstyler, Zonenkinder, Christian Rug, Leif Lobinsky, Threehouse, dial, Zone56, Flamat, Gab, Jolly Fellow und co, Rebelzer, Los Priatoz, Maxi Kretzschmar, Tshunc, Help, Tasek, Simo, Kim-Fabian von Dall´Armi.

Here are some impressions:

PHOTOS by Verstyler ( + Zonenkinder

Check out the finissages this weekend in Leipzig or come to Hamburg at the End of May. Special thanxxx to the two main-organizers Christine (Gängeviertel, Hamburg) and Mark (Spinnerei, Leipzig) and all the other helpers, artists and friends. Shout-outs also to Maxi Kretzschmar!

more infos here:

About Zonenkinder

We are an artist couple that loves to paint murals, create scupltures, paint canvases and place installations in the urban sphere. We enjoy to push boundaries via our "post-graffiti experiments" by using different techniques, special surfaces and materials. We combine our different styles and techniques into a whole thing and communicate via our creativity. Thereby the transformation and spontaneous recombination of existing elements in the situational context has a specific radiance for us — either urban scene or nature become stages of our artistic expression. For us the urban surrounding and nature is a metamorphic modeling clay which is formed every second by the people and animals who lived there and all other nature elements as well. We love to find places, whether in the city or in nature and alter them through creative interventions, to re-interpret them, thus creating a visual epic. For our artworks we use a multitude of objects and materials: discards, rejects, pick-ups, seemingly innocuous everyday objects which we integrate into our "Tree Project" installations, murals and paintings. Placed in a stage-like fashion and devoid of their original purpose these object merge into an artistic collage with a new context of meaning. - Zonenkinder Collective -; WEBSITE: ; Visit us on facebook:; CONTACT via E-Mail: hello(at)
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