3 Klebstoff magazines to win !

Klebstoff sticker magazine & ekosystem.org collaborated to offer you 3 issues of Klebstoff magazine and some additional stickers.

1 magazine will be offered for the most interesting comment posted on ekosystem photo gallery before the 5th of October, 1 magazine for the funniest comment and another magazine for the most active commenter on ekosystem in the next 10 days.

Deadline October November the 5th at 12PM

Use a real e-mail on your comments if you want to be contacted to receive a magazine.

Klebstoff is a magazine completly printed on vinyl sticker material and the kiss-cuts make it possible to peel off the content from inside. From cover to end everything is a sticker.

Artists featured:

Matthias Müller, Peekasso, Erosie, Knudzich, Hobby176, Mr. Talion, AGHN, Ernst Markus Stein & Lucy F., Jorge Chamorro, Gregor Körting, Katz & Goldt, Christophe Lambert, Fuzz!Gun, Scores out of ten by Joseph Ernst, Mape, Resto, Paul Barsch, Harthorst, Kevin Carpio, Mr. Kern, Tilman Hornig

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Hell’o Monsters – “The End Of Magic”

HELL’O MONSTERS first show in Copenhagen.

Opening: Friday 28.10.2011 at 16 to 21

Closing: 26.11.2011


Mohs Exhibit

Sdr. Boulevard 98

1720 Copenhagen V – Denmark

Hell’O Monsters is a Belgian collective formed by Jérôme Meynen, François Dieltiens and Antoine Detaille . The three artists successfully blend their individual styles to create an imaginary universe occupied by hybrid characters such as monsters with multiple eyes, mutated animals, humans with their heads split open. These figures manage to grab our attention and gain our affection despite their r…evolting appearance. In addition to the ink drawings and the paintings, the Hell’O Monsters universe breaks away from the wall and these miniature extra-ordinary beings suddenly occupy the exhibition space. The group’s creations, despite their colorful and happy look, are in fact caustic commentaries on the adult world, human nature and society.

As an introduction to «The Book of Imaginary Beings» , Borges wrote that’ a monster is nothing more than a combination of real human being part’s and that ‘their combinative possibilities border on infinity’ .

A few sentences beforehand, he had noted that when a child is taken to a zoo for the firt time, «he is faced for the first time with the multiplicity of the animal kingdomand, unexpectedly, really enjoys what could be nothing more than a horrifying or alarming spectacle to him»
even is stated from a trivial text, these two facts prove to be two quite practical windows to approach the formal world of Hell’O Monsters: a universe of monsters that form and re-form themselves, according to the adventures they are faced with. Indeed, the Hell’O Monsters do not escape the Argentine writer’s comments.
And the fact they are made up of so clearly recognisable element is the verry reason why we are troubled to this extent. At the same time so similar and so different to us, their creatures give substance to our fantasies, even in the playfull and cutting manner adopted by these artists.
In tune with their time, the Hell’O Monsters have perfectly grasped that today monsters can be tamed, that they have become kind, play with the very young, wink to television programmes, and even lie on the internet
As all their brothers and even very distant cousins, their creatures are never passive; they live adventures the artists compress in each of their creation «pregnant instants» , to use lessing’s expression. Mreover, narrative frames are precise and rich.
Why? Well, just because those imaginary beings, born of the fine srokes and graphic fantasy of these three artists, are similar to their many predecessors and tend to crystallise the fears and desires of the men who created them. These mixed fears and desires that childrens feel so intensely, the Hell’O Monsters have never lost the thread of his creative wonder of childhood . Their creatures first offer to ‘teach us how to look at them in the face and so, while being confronted with them, how to dare to live and dream absolutely freely’.

More info:

Mohs Exhibit

Hell’o Monsters

Facebook Event


I’ll post pictures from the exhibition this weekend…

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Siddharthas. Dhear, Part1.

A couple of moths ago, Dhear, a young artist from Mexico City started a project named Siddharthas with the support of Border, Adidas, and MTN. Siddharthas is the perspective of Dhear about the book Siddhartha, a novel by Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of an Indian man named Siddhartha. Dhear is painting his perspective about this book over the walls, inside and outside of Mexico City. this is just the beginning of an amazing project.

El proyecto consiste en hacer un viaje iniciatico ilustrando la historia de siddhartha de Herman Hesse a partir de mi universo de personajes fantasticos y alienigenas, por medio de murales en diferentes lugares, al unirse todas las fotos la historia tendra un sentido y una busqueda espiritual personal.



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Los Iluminados, Saner.

Saner. Mexico City, 1981.

Fifty24MX Gallery presents “Los Iluminados” by Saner. the carnival started last weekend with the second solo show of Saner in Mexico City. The mexican folklore was present during the opening between masks, tequila, textures and colors, we could enjoy with live music and live painting.

The exhibition is composed by more than 50 pieces. Drawings made on wood, paper and other recycle materials.

Mi segunda exposición individual en México titulada “los iluminados”aborda la necesidad que tenemos de evolucionar como seres humanos, purificarnos antes de morir, tenemos la oportunidad de cambiar y encontrar la paz interna. Queremos vivir sin miedo.




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