Moneyless – 11 things about 2011

Here is the 2nd short interview about 2011. This time with Moneyless from Italy. His work evolved last months from painting on walls to crazy 3D installations with ropes.

1- A photo of one of your artwork from 2011.
new world ordertitle : New World Order
Graphite, acrilic and ink on wood 60 cm x 35cm  

2- One thing you did in 2011 that you are particularly proud.
the diamonds aren't forever
title : the diamonds aren’t forever
Berlin 2011  wool and nylon in the air  3mt x 2mt x 2mt

3- Something or Someone you loved in 2011
Moneyless: I definitely found love, and therefore everything I’ve done is affected by this.

4- Someone you hated in 2011.
Moneyless: All suckers, copiers, and plagiarists Around The World

5- One city, One festival, or One place.
Moneyless: Grottaglie , Fame Festival and his  final party !

6- A photo of someone else artwork you enjoyed a lot the work.

Moneyless: 108 no doubt.


7- One book
Moneyless: 100 artistes du street art – Edition de la Martiniere

8- One song

Promises Promises- Viceroys (1969)

9- One website

10- One movie or a tv show
Moneyless: NO MOVIE NO TV !

11- One last word
Moneyless: I want to say Bless and  much Love  to all my brothers and sisters around the world, and remember that they are my biggest inspiration ever !
Moneyless on flickr

Moneyless on ekosystem.